Do online reviews *improve* quality? A companion blog for my newest research.

Imagine a world where there is no trust. You have traveled a long way, perhaps on the Silk Road, and encounter a vendor that sells drinking water. Everyone traveling along this road is headed to a far-off land from which they will not return. You know there are 2 sources water this vendor could have … Continue reading Do online reviews *improve* quality? A companion blog for my newest research.

EP Electric Hiring

El Paso Electric is currently recruiting for 3 distinct Accountant positions (please see linked job ads). Financial Systems – MBA/MAcc preferred Energy Accounting – BBA + 0-3 years of experience Accounting Services – BBA + 3 or more years of experience Apply online through their website at Please let me know if you wish to list me … Continue reading EP Electric Hiring

A solution for United

***Update*** It looks like United has now implemented a bidding strategy for allocating seats over capacity: United got in hot waters today for “overbooking” a flight and then forcibly removing an elderly passenger from his seat. Almost any casual observer would say that they probably should have just offered a higher voucher amount. Why wouldn’t United … Continue reading A solution for United

ADP Hiring

ADP hiring announcement, see below: Just to let you know, ADP wants to hire 15 of our graduating seniors. These jobs need to be filled right away, and interviews will be conducted on Friday (3/10/2017). These jobs are for all majors. Pamela Prieto Montoya has more info about signing up for the interviews: ADP also has more than … Continue reading ADP Hiring