State Space Modeling Notes

Go to the notes + code (preliminary and in progress) One of the joys of working in academia is the time available during summers to learn new tools. One of my projects this summer has been making notes for Petris et al’s Dynamic Linear Models in R text. This text is a Bayesian treatment of dynamic …


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EP Electric Hiring

El Paso Electric is currently recruiting for 3 distinct Accountant positions (please see linked job ads). Financial Systems – MBA/MAcc preferred Energy Accounting – BBA + 0-3 years of experience Accounting Services – BBA + 3 or more years of experience Apply online through their website at Please let me know if you wish to list me … Continue reading EP Electric Hiring

A solution for United

***Update*** It looks like United has now implemented a bidding strategy for allocating seats over capacity: United got in hot waters today for “overbooking” a flight and then forcibly removing an elderly passenger from his seat. Almost any casual observer would say that they probably should have just offered a higher voucher amount. Why wouldn’t United … Continue reading A solution for United

ADP Hiring

ADP hiring announcement, see below: Just to let you know, ADP wants to hire 15 of our graduating seniors. These jobs need to be filled right away, and interviews will be conducted on Friday (3/10/2017). These jobs are for all majors. Pamela Prieto Montoya has more info about signing up for the interviews: ADP also has more than … Continue reading ADP Hiring

Bass UTD Conference

Just returned from the Frank Bass FORMS Conference at UTD, one of the better marketing conferences in my opinion. Somewhat surprised to see the number of analytical papers and interest in analytical modeling in the field. There was almost a 50/50 split in analytical/empirical papers being presented. Learned quite a lot from both presenters and discussants. … Continue reading Bass UTD Conference

Revised and Better?

In the spirit of disseminating our latest edition of the manager response to online reviews paper, Alex and I have posted the current manuscript to SSRN for those who are interested. Let us know your thoughts via email. Abstract: This manuscript investigates the externalities of managers’ responses (MR) to online reviews on popular travel … Continue reading Revised and Better?