ADP Hiring

ADP hiring announcement, see below: Just to let you know, ADP wants to hire 15 of our graduating seniors. These jobs need to be filled right away, and interviews will be conducted on Friday (3/10/2017). These jobs are for all majors. Pamela Prieto Montoya has more info about signing up for the interviews: ADP also has more than … Continue reading ADP Hiring

Bass UTD Conference

Just returned from the Frank Bass FORMS Conference at UTD, one of the better marketing conferences in my opinion. Somewhat surprised to see the number of analytical papers and interest in analytical modeling in the field. There was almost a 50/50 split in analytical/empirical papers being presented. Learned quite a lot from both presenters and discussants. … Continue reading Bass UTD Conference

Revised and Better?

In the spirit of disseminating our latest edition of the manager response to online reviews paper, Alex and I have posted the current manuscript to SSRN for those who are interested. Let us know your thoughts via email. Abstract: This manuscript investigates the externalities of managers’ responses (MR) to online reviews on popular travel … Continue reading Revised and Better?

Basic text analysis tutorial – string manipulations, basic sentiment analysis

The previous series of blogs documented how causal inference arguments (difference in differences, regression discontinuity design, and natural experiments) are applied in big data settings within the online reviews domain. This domain also happens to be a great setting to quantitatively analyze textual data. We have a corpus of nearly 18 million reviews for hotels … Continue reading Basic text analysis tutorial – string manipulations, basic sentiment analysis

Some empirical tidbits from TripAdvisor

My paper with Alex Chaudhry on management response to online reviews draws heavily upon crawled data from TripAdvisor. We began collecting data looking at Las Vegas hotels, a good starting source for sampling travelers from around the world. Everyone’s been to Vegas, and Vegas guests have been literally everywhere: We created the above plot by plotting … Continue reading Some empirical tidbits from TripAdvisor