The Shed at Dulwich

One thought on “The Shed at Dulwich”

  1. Dr. Wang, I came across the VICE article a few weeks ago, and it absolutely fascinated me! It’s the best fake news, undertaken as fake reporting about fake news I’ve ever seen. It was so meta that I found myself questioning everything. Midway through the article I did notice in screen clippings that The Shed had very few reviews for a “restaurant” climbing the TripAdvisor charts. But, on I read! What a surprise when you finally reach the end. It’s like I’d been taken on an amusement park ride. You mention perception, I perceived the piece to be a real report on something that actually happened! The author completely and thoroughly “writes-as-if”. The sensationalism of the article proves the point about fake news spreading so much more deeply and faster that “real” news.

    This reminds me of the last box-subscription service I demo’d. It was crap. The photos and descriptions made me believe I was going to receive high-quality products, but I was extremely disappointed in the packaging, quality, and fit. I feel that as more products leave brick-and-mortar for direct to consumer, packaging experience and first impressions have become the most important aspect of a product. Can you think of a company who is doing that exceptionally?

    Thank you,



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